Our Mission

Putting your life and legacy in order

…“Now you have some homework to do!”

This is what our founder, Emma Sharon Palmer, found herself repeatedly saying to clients during her twenty year career of managing estates of all sizes with the Estate Planning & Probate department at one of Jacksonville’s oldest and most respected law firms.

Most people think their “estate planning” is finished once they sign their documents in the lawyer’s office.  On the contrary, oftentimes additional tasks need to be accomplished to support the legal plan they put in place.  Assets may need to be retitled,  beneficiary designations may need to be changed, assets and debts need to be documented, and personalized instructions to executors and/or loved ones need to be outlined for ease of transition and management.  One can become overwhelmed trying to handle these tasks on one’s own, thereby setting them aside, or forgetting about them entirely.  Their loved ones are then left with the burden of trying to sort it all out after the fact.

Estate Savvy’s mission is to give our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their wishes are clearly documented, and their affairs are in order.  We accomplish this, not by giving our clients blanket forms or checklists to complete on their own, but rather providing every client with an experienced personal assistant who will work side-by-side with them to ensure smooth end-of-life transitions for them and their loved ones.

What We Do

Estate Savvy is an estate organization consultancy that prides itself on professional one-on-one service. If retained, we will come into your home to help you sort through your paperwork, file cabinets, shoe boxes, etc., to purge all the unnecessary paperwork you’ve been keeping “just in case”.

Once we are left with only current, relevant documents, we will compare the titling of your assets, beneficiary designations, etc., with the estate planning documents prepared by your attorney and financial planner to ensure they are in accordance with their instructions.  If they are not, we will work with your bank, broker, insurance company, etc., to complete and submit the paperwork necessary to ensure your assets are consistent with your estate plan.  

All of this information is then put into your fully customized “Savvy Life Book”, in both physical and digital formats, along with all the other vital information you and your loved ones will need in the event of an emergency. including:

  • personal information
  • medical information/history
  • family/beneficiary information
  • emergency contacts
  • financial assets
  • creditor information
  • online account management
  • funeral instructions
  • personal instructions
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If you have any questions about the services we provide, we encourage you to check out our “Services” page or, better yet, contact us directly:

Tampa Bay – (727) 275-0093 

Jacksonville – (904) 699-8550 

Email:  estatesavvy1@gmail.com

Meet Our Founder

Emma is grateful to have formed long term, trusting relationships with so many families during her 25 years in North Florida as an Advanced Certified Paralegal specializing in Estate Planning and Probate. She’s also had the privilege of collaborating & forming connections with some of the finest financial advisors, brokerage firms, and accountants throughout Florida. She knows that end of life planning is about more than just organizing documents, and she aims to set a new standard for helping to ensure that you & your family are ready for whatever the future holds.

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