Acting as someone’s personal representative and/or trustee is not only a weighty legal responsibility, but also demands much of your time, energy and emotions. The roles of personal representative and trustee are most often taken on by a family member who is going through their own grieving process while trying to manage everything else.

This job becomes even more difficult if the personal representative and/or trustee does not live locally to the deceased. Meeting with attorneys and getting them the information they need, filing insurance claims, closing bank accounts and cleaning out your loved one’s home, all while trying to keep the beneficiaries up to date and happy,  is even more challenging when you have to to take time away from your own life to handle your responsibilities as personal representative and/or trustee.

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We at Estate Savvy understand how overwhelming this process can be.

We’re here to help alleviate your stress and bring you peace of mind by:

  • Identifying all assets and how they are legally titled
  • Assisting with obtaining date of death valuations on those assets
  • Attending meetings with you and your attorneys, accountants, and/or financial planners to record information and task lists
  • Working with your attorneys, accountants, and/or financial planners to assist you in gathering all the information needed to file estate and trust inventories, financial documents, and final tax returns
  • Arrange for ancillary administration on any real estate located outside the State of Florida
  • Assisting with payment of valid estate creditors
  • Overseeing the sale and disposal of assets and property
  • Managing the preparation of a home(s) for sale
  • Processing claim forms and transfer of ownership documents, including notarizing them if necessary
  • Directly monitoring any involved real estate to ensure it is being properly maintained
  • Supervising disposition of personal property to beneficiaries or charities

We know we cannot lessen the pain of losing your loved one, but you can rely on Estate Savvy to compassionately and effectively relieve you of much of the administrative burden of such a difficult transition.

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Pricing for our estate administration services varies according to the nature and complexity of the services required. It can also often be deducted from estate taxes. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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