Your Savvy Life Book is a customized binder full of all the information you (or your caregivers) need to manage your life. And after you’re gone it becomes a priceless guidebook for your heirs, helping to create the legacy you want to leave them. You’ll receive both a printed volume you can hold in your hands and a digital backup copy on a handy portable thumb drive.

Your Savvy Life Book is completely personalized for you, and it will document everything including:   

  • Your vital information, such as date of birth, social security number, military service, etc.
  • Detailed contact information on your family, all persons named in your estate planning documents, as well as your professional and spiritual advisors
  • A list of all your important documents (birth certificates, marriage license, insurance policies, etc.) and where they are located
  • A detailed list of all your assets, including website logins and passwords if accounts are online
  • A detailed list of all your creditors (loans, mortgages, medical & credit card bills), including website logins and passwords if accounts are online
  • A volume of lists including everything from memberships and subscriptions, to social media and gaming accounts
  • Medical documentation so your family is informed in the event of an emergency
  • Detailed instructions on daily management of your home
  • Information about the special needs or care of your pets
  • Your end-of-life wishes & any funeral arrangements
  • And special inserts/pockets for business cards and copies (or originals) of your important documents
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